The power of co(o)lour has a hu(e)ge impact in our world today. Its prevalence on social media undeniably catches people’s attention. Colour is a tool to tell a story and express our inner emotions. Show and share with us your choice of colours.

We are looking for colourful, monochromatic (i.e., black and white, sepia, earth tones, etc.) and artistic pieces such as abstract, portrait, landscape, digital art*, collages, figurative art, sculpture, any form of photography and the like.

The theme for this Open Call is EVOLVING FILIPINO HERITAGE.
Kindly submit your best piece/s (can be more than one) that inspires being Filipinos in an evolutionary and contemporary way!
Chosen works will be displayed at the Exhibit area during the KUBO 3-day event.

All artists who will join will have their artworks posted on all social media platforms of KUBO starting September 1, 2023.
Please send your entries to on or before August 11, 2023. You may also send us an email for further details and clarifications that you may have.
Wait no more, JOIN us and let your Filipino colours shine through!!! 

*For acceptance of AI digital artworks, all submissions need to be verified that the pieces are originally the artists’ work. Please make sure that these are originally your work.

Image credit: Cat Jimenez ©Mira Loewe (for Susa Kreuzberg)

KUBŌ wurde 2021 in Wien von Gerard Rabara und einer Gruppe junger Filipino-Österreicher:innen unter der Leitung von Arlene Castañeda und Christian Namiss von SENTRO (Sentro ng Kultura at Wika ng Austria at Pilipinas/ Zentrum für österreichische und philippinische Kultur und Sprachen) gegründet.