"Pinoy ako!" – Kunst & Empowerment

Gemeinsam (er-)schaffen wir einen Raum für Austausch, Bewegung und künstlerische Begegnung, in dem wir im „braver space“ über unsere Erfahrungen sprechen und uns gegenseitig stärken. Wir begegnen einander auf Augenhöhe und gewinnen die Möglichkeit, uns selbst anders und neu zu erleben und einen neuen Ausdruck zu finden.

Durch künstlerisch-theaterpädagogische Methoden und körperliche Übungen transformieren wir Emotionen, die uns immer wieder beschäftigen und begegnen. Angeleitet lassen wir kleine Texte entstehen, die von der eigenen Biografie und Fantasie inspiriert sind und Fragen nach Herkunft und Identität nachgehen. Das Kreative Schreiben ergänzt unsere gegenseitige und eigene Wahrnehmung. Übungen zu Achtsamkeit und Kunst schulen unsere (Selbst-)Beobachtung und entschleunigen.

Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich, eine Prise Humor sollte mitgebracht werden.
Grundsätzliche Offenheit wird vorausgesetzt. Bequeme Kleidung, in der man sich gut bewegen kann, wird empfohlen, sowie Stoppersocken.
Workshop-Sprache: Deutsch

Dauer: 3 Zeitstunden (inkl. kurzer Pause)

Birgit Axler-Cohnitz

Art & Artist Coach: Dozentin für ästhetisch-politische Bildungsarbeit & praktische Kunstvermittlung: Philosophin (Magistra Artium Germanistik & Philosophie), Dipl. Marketing-Kommunikation, Systemischer Coach, Trainerin Anti-Rassismus AntiDiskriminierung (ARIC-NRW e.V.), Mitglied der Bildungskommission des BuT – Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V.

Freischaffende multidisziplinäre Künstlerin: Musikerin/ Sängerin, Theaterpädagogin BuT®, Schauspielerin/ Darstellerin, Zen-Clownin, Butoh Practicioner, Educasterin, Sprecherin, Kurzfilmerin http://www.du-und-ich.org

"Demistifying the artistic process” - Talk & Discussion

In this lecture we will start with the infinite number of ideas we all have and how to formulate them. How to set up our environment to get the juices flowing and how to deal with paralysis and make meaningful artistic choices. We will allow ourselves to engage in alternative artistic approaches, understand the importance of collaboration and the role of outside eyes. What differentiates research, production and performance and when should, or could they interweave.

We will explore our toolboxes, play with our imagination and nurture our intuition.

Cat is a creator, curator and dancer. Her art form is a dreamy cloud - appearing like a colorful jumble of sensory experiences, only to suddenly reveal a solid message and clarity in the next moment.

As a performer her abstract, intimate, but expressive movement style enabled her to win several battles, receive a number of scholarships and to work and collaborate with various artists and companies for over seven years. As a creator her art ultimately presents and queries underlying mechanics that shape and form people’s and society’s experiences of life. Furthermore, her desire aims at establishing a space that encourages mutual understanding and co-creation. This idea extends to her work as curator and boardmember at the Kultursommer Wien festival.

From Pintados to the cover of Vogue: The Art and History of Filipino Tattoo Culture

With the re-emergence of mainstream tribal tattoos and ever-evolving identity politics around the globe, one may argue that Filipino tattoo culture is slowly moving into mainstream consciousness. But what significance did and does tattooing have in Philippine culture? Are there regional differences? How did tattooing develop? Was or is there a universal “tattoo“ language within the Philippines?

A collaboration between Imelda Perez-Papai and Charmaine Taus, this interactive workshop seeks to place Filipino tattoo culture in its pre-colonial roots, its current-day prominence, and its hopefully rich future. Some of the designs of the workshop will be painted during a simultaneous live body painting session and presented by Imelda Perez-Papai. 

"Coffee painting"

Eine fast vergessene Kunstform erlebt wieder sein Comeback. Im Rahmen des Workshops wird mit dem Medium experimentiert und über diese Kunstform gesprochen, die im Moment auch viele Ausstellungen auf den Philippinen erreicht hat. In Österreich ist sie noch etwas unbekannt.

Lisa Ante Pangan, professional IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) Nurse and a fresh enthusiastic Artist who has a flair for Infused Art. Based in Vienna. Member of FVAA (Filipino Visual Artists in Austria) and one of contactpersons in Austria for the Network of Halo-Halo.

"Community & Identity in the spirit of Kapwa"

This workshop invites curious diasporan FilipinX to explore perspectives on community and identity together. Carl Lorenz Cervantes’ (psychologist and researcher of the psychology of Filipino spirituality) approach on Kapwa will give us a foundation upon which we will map out our own values, stances and perspectives.

How can Kapwa serve us to define our "self" and thus our desires for our communities, even though we live in diaspora with diverse cultural influences and imprints? What does a community need to be able to create a space for shared identification that at the same time makes individuals feel seen and that they belong?

Co-creatively, mindful and connected, we develop our own approaches and ideas for our future - a blueprint for all communities in which we move. Our insights will further more inform the future development of the Halo Halo network. You haven’t heard about it yet? Check it out!

Christine-Joahn Meier, 35 (she/her) | 2nd gen German Filipina
Systemic Counselor (DGSF), Coach, Trainer, Artist
M.A. Doing Culture - Education and Reflection of Cultural Processes

As a counselor I co-create spaces with my clients and groups for (self-)exploration, (self-)insight and (self-)development. Mostly these spaces revolve around transpersonal and existentialist questions such as Who am I? Where do I belong? How do I find meaning in life? The goal is not to find absolute answers that serve us once and for all. Rather, it is about finding a deeper understanding about life as a process that constantly evolves and hence shapes our sense of self and identity. The way in which you shape your life and your relationships is a reflection of your unique self – so, let’s be (self-)aware about that!


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